Blackstar Services

  • We provide liaisons between investors and Ministries, Government departments and agencies, institutional lenders and other authorities concerned with investments.
  • Provide up-to-date information on incentives available to investors; and emerging investment opportunities in Ghana.
  • Assist new and existing investors by providing support services including assistance to procure authorities and permits required for the establishment and operation of enterprises.
  • Provide access to local financial markets for investments; T bills, stocks, bonds, banking products etc.

Investment Environment

  • Government Policy: President John Evans Atta-Mills has committed himself to creating a "Better Ghana" by the end of his tenure of office. The essence of this vision is to energize the private sector to fuel economic growth and job creation. This has lead to a closer collaboration and partnership with the private sector. In line with this vision, the Government has created a special project called thePrivate Sector Development [PSD] with a mandate to facilitate the development and growth of a competitive and vibrant private sector and reduce the cost of doing business in Ghana.

Investment Opportunities

  • Information and communication technology
  • Energy, Precious metals
  • Financial Services and products
  • Transportation, shipping
  • Accommodation, Property development
  • Education
  • Health, medical supplies
  • Tourism, Shopping malls, recreation
  • Agriculture, agro-processing and more...

Resources: Rich mineral resources such as gold, diamonds, manganese, limestone, bauxite, iron ore as well as various clays and granite deposits. In 2008, Ghana produced 2,994,610 ounces of gold and 599,007 carats of diamond and it is also the second largest producer of gold in Africa.
Extensive forests, which are arguably the best managed in West Africa (with 252 permanent forest reserves in the rain forest zone alone. In total about 11% of Ghana is defined as forest.) Ghana is the second largest producer of cocoa in the world. It is also the third largest producer of timber and the second largest exporter of wood and wood products in Africa; Rich marine fishing resources (tuna and game fishing);
Beautiful landscape, inviting sunshine, pristine beaches, exotic wildlife and exciting national parks and game reserves; Rich culture and tradition and a world acclaimed warmth and hospitality of its people.

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