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  • Provide assistance attaining the necessary credentials to import and/or export products in Ghana.
  • Match clients with the ideal trading partners (buyers, sellers, distributors) for their products.
  • Specify the high demand products for import, and readily available items to export from Ghana.
  • Highlight the growth opportunities for the import export sector in Ghana through analysis of present markets: identifying countries where market share has increased.
  • Provide reports of priority markets: View the world's major importing countries, illustrates the extent of import concentration and in which countries demand has increased over the past five years.
  • Overview of competitors in global and specific markets: Identify the leading exporting countries for a given product; highlight a country's position in world exports or in the imports of partner and neighboring countries.
  • Review of opportunities for product diversification in a specific market: Make a comparative assessment of import demand for related products in an export market; identify imports of similar products and possible synergies.
  • Identify product-specific opportunities by comparing actual bilateral trade, the total import demand of partner countries and the overall export supply capacity of the home country.

Export Incentives

The Ministry of Trade and Industry has established incentive for exporters operating in Ghana, some of which are:

  • Corporate Tax Rebate, which allows any manufacturer or any person, engaged in agricultural production, exporting part or all of his production, to claim a tax rebate between 40% and 75% of his tax liability.
  • Custom Duty Drawback that allows exporters to get back up to 100% of duties paid on material imported to produce goods for export.
  • A Bonded Warehousing that allows manufacturers to seek a Customs Licence to hold imported raw materials intended for manufacturing for export in secures places without payment of duty.
  • Up-Front Duty Exemption, which operates alongside the duty drawback system enables exporters, enjoy 100% duty exemption on imports intended to go into production for export.

Import Procedures

Imports into Ghana come under two main categories:  (1) Import on collection whereby any person may import into Ghana before paying for the goods (prior approval from the Bank of Ghana is required) and (2) Conventional importation in which the importer needs to go through the banking system to establish a Letter of Credit (L.C.) or make provision for foreign exchange.

Tariffs and Import Taxes

Ghana is currently using the Harmonized Commodity Coding System (HS) in classifying goods. Goods arriving in country may be subject to import duties, sales tax, special duties, and import excise duty. Duties are imposed on certain categories of exports as well.

Aside from a few items which are exempt from the payment of customs duties, all imports are subject to import duty and sales tax.  The sales tax of 15 percent, which will be replaced by VAT of 10 percent in the last quarter of 1998, is calculated on the duty-inclusive value of the goods at rates contained in the HS manual.

Generally, the import rates imposed on various goods for the current year are as follows:  agricultural and educational materials - zero duty; other raw materials and capital goods - 10 percent ad valorem; and all other goods - 25 percent ad valorem.  Concessionary duty rates are available for prescribed categories of manufactured goods while 16 categories of manufactured products attract a heavier customs duty as the government of Ghana seeks to protect certain domestic industries.

Contact a Blackstar group consultant to discuss your specific import export needs and the best options available to you.

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