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Land purchasing in Ghana is straightforward and simple, however it must be done correctly with no shortcuts. Prudence and due diligence are needed to insure your property purchase. Blackstar Group representatives will walk you through the 7 simple steps to purchasing real estate in Ghana.

1. Find land of your choice. First and foremost, you must choose property in an area that provides the most benefits for your personal and/or business needs.  Ghana is vastly sparse and has drastically varying landscapes. There are metropolitan, suburban, country sides, beach fronts and mountainous areas available for purchase. For this reason we suggest you properly scout the areas with our representatives and weigh the differences.  Prices will inevitably get cheaper, the further you go from the city.

2. Negotiate price with land owner. After choosing land suitable for your needs, we will begin negotiations with the land owner on your behalf. Most important in these negotiations are the terms by which the purchase or lease will be made, whether the land will be sold as freehold land (an irrevocable sale) or a long term lease, which returns the land to its original owners in 50 or 99 years.  Technically a non-Ghanaian does not have the right to own land outright in Ghana, however a business based in Ghana is considered a Ghanaian entity which can own land outright.  We will counsel you in the best approach for your specific situation.

3. Survey. The seller of the land may have his own site plan, as added security we employ our own surveyor to check the land and confirm the site plan, (or create one if the seller does not have a copy). The site plan is taken to the Land's Commission office, where the Title Search is done.

4. Title search. This will confirm that the person selling the land is the rightful owner and/or if there are any existing disputes on the land.

5. Prepare the contract. The contract of sale must now be prepared.  Land owners generally prepare their indenture and bring it to the table, but we provide our clients with indentures prepared by our team to reflect the specific needs and requests of our client.  Once the contract is prepared and reviewed by our lawyer(s), a closing date is set.

6. Closing. In accordance with the agreement we reached at the initial negotiation, we perform the necessary rites and present the necessary monies to the land owner.  At that time we sign three copies of the indenture (contract), along with our witnesses and that of the land owner’s.  Pictures are taken and videos are also made to serve as supporting evidence of our transaction.

7. Register the land. Immediately after purchasing the land we begin with the registration process.  This establishes the new ownership with the government’s registry, the Lands Commission. Land registry provides added protection in the event there is a future dispute.

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