BlackStar Group was founded by four Canadian brothers of Ghanaian Heritage, Richmond, Roland, Kenneth and Theo (aka Griff) Acheampong. We combine our western trained business accruement with our skills, knowledge and understanding of Ghanaian business culture. BlackStar Group utilizes decades of personal relationships (established by our father) with influential business leaders in emerging markets. Our goal is to establish new business inroads to one of the best kept investment secrets- the Republic of Ghana.

Develop a strong multi-national company built on hard work ethics, strong morals and careful attention to details. Secondly, we are committed to establishing business partnerships that mutually benefit the Ghanaian economy and participating investors. We measure our success by the number of strong partnerships developed and by the number of repeat customers.

BlackStar Group has a strong reputation for ethics and quick results. Our staff consists of highly experienced business experts, researchers and experienced sales people. We are well connected to highly influential decision makers in the Ghanaian government and private sector.  We are extremely knowledgeable on Ghanaian business culture and have a solid network of experienced professionals, who analyze each business proposition and investment opportunity. Our friendly work environment encourages cooperation and mutually beneficial agreements among parties involved. Finally, we welcome all investors seeking to do business in Ghana, regardless of project size, experience, creed, gender or racial background. Every business idea can be successful given the proper situation and backing.

We limit the risks of investing in Ghana, by working with reputable companies who have business longevity, consistent performance results and/or have been recommended by government officials and agencies. BlackStar Group limits most of the investment risks in every transaction through due diligence.  Many of our business dealings are relationship based, which ensures fairness, equity and cooperation.

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We are passionate about seeing Ghana grow. A place of beauty and emerging markets.

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